TNP FIT has designed a new fitness wave for individuals that are seeking small group training, but still would like to feel like they are receiving personal training as well as choosing a time that best suits them.

Imagine being stuck in traffic, or being stuck in your children's school car pool line, your fitness class is about to start in 10 mins and you have to wait a whole hour before the next class starts. Well no worries because TNP FIT designed a fitness class to cater to your needs. We offer classes that start every 15 mins so you are NEVER LATE AGAIN. We have 4 stations, each lasting 15 minutes in duration with a new set of TNP FIT members joining the class every 15 minutes.

TNP FIT 50-minute classes will offer a variety of functional training, strength training, endurance training and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), which are all aimed to maximize heart rate, burn calories and, most of all, get you into  Top Notch Fitness. 

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