About Us

TNP FIT is considered to be one of the top rank workout facilities in the fitness industry; we are able to offer so much to our members in 50 minutes. TNP FIT is located in the Historical East Durham neighborhood. Owner Russell Dudley is a certified personal trainer who designed a program for all ages and genders that are looking for an exercise routine from beginner levels to advanced levels in 50 minutes. Not only are the classes 50 minutes but each class begins every 15 minutes which is perfect for anyone who is pressed for time in their daily schedule.

TNP FIT provides a 1,500 square foot space, with state-of-the-art equipment, such as SkiErg, exercise bikes, sleds, rowers, aerobic boxes, and so much more. TNP FIT offers exercise accessories such as heart rate monitors which you can purchase to wear during class; which allows you to keep up with your performance during class. Also, we offer other items you can purchase, such as water bottles, and apparel.

TNP FIT loves being in the Historic East Durham neighborhood. TNP FIT is looking forward to changing the lives of people, changing their daily exercise routines, changing their confidence and so much more. TNP FIT’s method of training is simple because it allows you to arrive at times that are convenient for your busy schedule. Being able to allow members to drop in at times that work best for their hectic schedules. The TNP FIT staff offers guidance whenever needed to help any members during classes.

TNP FIT members are able to come into our facility, use one of our self-check in iPad kiosks before our next class starts. Those who are new to TNP FIT are able to check in with a simple register at the front desk before joining the next available class. TNP FIT offers single sessions, 10 pack, and monthly classes.